The Best of Winter   自1969年起,George Hardinge每年都選編一冊《Winter's Crimes》作為推理小說年度選集,至1992年的24年間,共出了24本的年度選集,也就是說每年都有一本推理小說精選集出版,而在1986年與1992年這兩年,分別出了精選集的精選集。1986年出的是從1-17集中挑出的40個故事,名為《The Best of Winter's Crimes》,分為一二兩卷;1992年出的有24個故事,名為《Murders for the Fireside: The Best of Winter's Crimes》,從此之後這系列就結束了,原因我不清楚,也不知道有沒有其他的年度選集取而代之就是了。

  我手邊買到的是《The Best of Winter's Crimes》,價錢是很漂亮的£9.99,兩冊的精裝書,說實話並不貴,而且保存良好,還有一個黑色硬盒,真是叫人感動。對這套1969年就開始出版的選集而言,要收集1-24冊的話實在有相當難度,我只希望有朝一日可以買到另一冊精選集就好。

    以下是我買的這本書的內容,想查閱其他期內容的,可以到下面這個網站去找,在左上角輸入Winter's Crimes就查得到啦!網址為:。

Volume 1   作者名排序A-Z
The Blood Bargain 1970 Eric Ambler
Mr. Bulmer's Golden Carp 1971 John Bingham
Bless This House 1970 Christianna Brand
Don't Know Much About Art 1984 Simon Brett
North Wind 1979 Gwendoline Butler
The Harlequin Tea Set
1971 Agatha Christie
Turn and Turn About 1972 Francs Clifford
We Know You're Busy Writing, But
  We Thought You Wouldn't Mind If
  We Just Dropped in for a Minut
1969 Edmund Crispini
Faery Tale 1983 Celia Dale
Indian Rope Trick 1981 Lionel Davidson
At the Lulu-Bar Motel 1981 Colin Dexter
Instrument of Justice 1981 Elizabeth Ferrars
The Gift 1973 Dick Francis
Death of an Old Dog 1978 Antonia Fraser
Audited and Found Correct 1980 Michael Gilbert
The Circus 1974 Winston Graham
Those Awful Dawns 1977 Patricia Highsmith
Suicide, or Murder? 1973 Jane Aiken Hodge
Mary 1971 P.M. Hubbard
The Girl Who Loved Graveyards 1983 P.D. James
An Upright Woman 1970 H.R.F. Keating
Volume 2    
Something on Everyone 1979 Anthony Lejeune
The Reluctant Detective 1984 Michael Z. Lewin
The Mistaken Smile 1973 Audrey Erskine Lindop
The Chair 1974 Roger Longrigg
The Secret Lover 1985 Peter Lovesey
The Old Mob 1981 Desmond Lowden
The Last Place on Earth 1985 James McClure
A Light on the Road to Woodstock 1985 Ellis Peters
The Boudicca Killing 1980 Anthony Price
The Irony of Hate ["Born Victim"] 1977 Ruth Rendell
Tower of Silence 1975 Maurice Richardson
Family Butcher 1980 George Sims
The Belvedere 1971 Jean Stubbs
The Flaw 1980 Julian Symons
Fixation 1971 Miles Tripp
O.K. for Murder 1983 Michael Underwood
A Wise Child 1985 John Wainwright
The Man from the White Mountains 1975 Ted Willis
Hazell and the Patriot 1977 P.B. Yuill

The Best of Winter


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